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Static Control Solutions

Pioneers of Engineered Static Control Technology

Uncontrolled electrostatic discharge (ESD), excessive tribocharging and retained voltage in processes lead to many undesirable effects in yield, safety and efficiency in various industries including manufacturing, packaging, storage and transportation. Our industrial pioneering and unique conductive polymers technologies provide consistent and reliable static control solutions in applications ranging from the protection of sensitive electronics components, and particle contamination control to improvement in production output. 


  • ESD performance is permanent and independent of relative humidity
  • Our proprietary static control technology provides resistance performance in both static dissipative and conductive range meeting your targeted and specific requirements.  
  • Wide range of conductive polymers product portfolio available in compounded resin, master-batches and sheet forms allowing greater flexibility and cost efficiency


  • Electronics processing - injection molded and thermoformed packaging trays for electronics shipping & sub-assembly
  • Films & sheets, hose & tube
  • ESD additives for compound formulation

Lubrizol Product Solutions for Static Control