TPU for Electronic Processing

Electronics Processing

Manufacturing Parts

Whatever specialized materials and devices you use during the manufacturing process, permanent electrostatic discharge (ESD) is critical for long-term performance. We have the formulations needed to make parts more durable, resistant to abrasion and flexible, helping you manufacture to the highest yield and reliability standards possible.


  • High and low pressure pneumatic tubing
  • Specialized processing materials
  • Cleanroom soft wall and curtains
  • Printed circuit boards (PCB)/Burn-in racks and ESD PCB card guides
  • ESD tool handles for tweezers, pick up wands and hand tools
  • Process trays (thermoformed and injection molded)
  • ESD rollers and belting for conveyors
  • Tote/storage bins and carrier tapes

Electronics Packaging

We set the new standard for test and design engineers requiring permanent static dissipation without compromising cleanliness. Our permanently static dissipative and conductive sheet thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) are the perfect solution for shipping and handling electronic sub-assemblies, filled circuit boards – any sensitive electronic packaging.

Outstanding Benefits

  • Permanent ESD protection
  • ESD protection does not deteriorate with thermoforming or washing
  • Sheet is engineered to support the weight of sub-assemblies and maintain excellent durability
  • Multi-layer constructions provide cost-effective, permanent ESD protection


  • PCB tracks
  • Thermoformed memory module trays
  • LED and display shipping trays
  • Mobile device processing packaging
  • Semi-conductor processing packaging
  • Electronic sub-assembly trays

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