Screen Protection Film

TPU for Screen Protection Film

The versatility and durability of ESTANE® thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) make it an ideal solution for screen protection film to protect smartphones, smart watches and flexible displays from everyday life. ESTANE® TPU enables extreme clarity to preserve the aesthetics of modern devices and excellent flexibility to properly cover a variety of screen shapes and sizes. 

ESTANE® TPU Benefits for Screen Protection Film

  • Extremely flexible to fully protect 3D, rounded and curved edge screens
  • Excellent fingerprint and touch sensitivity for unlocking
  • High clarity and good UV resistance to maintain visibility of the original display screen 
  • Great adhesion, bubble resistance and compatibility with silicon adhesives
  • Exceptional stain and scratch resistance with coating layer

Market Trends for Screen Protection Film

As dual-curved edge smartphones become more mainstream in many brand’s flagship models, the need for screen protection film for 3D curved displays is on the rise. Polyester (PET) film creates a challenge for designers because it is too stiff to fully cover curved glass edges. PET film also interferes with the sensitivity of fingerprint unlocking on touch screens. As an alternative to PET film, Lubrizol offers a variety of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) solutions to complement different film structure designs. To help customers solve flexible and full coverage protection, we developed a series of TPU grades with excellent optical and protection performance attributes specifically for screen protection film.

Screen Protection Film TPU Grades

Product Name Hardness
Soft and stretchable, low gel, high clarity
ESTANE® HPF 95A1 EX         
Soft and stretchable, low gel, high clarity
Balance of stretchable and stiffness
Excellent UV resistance, soft and stretchable
TPU for Screen Protection Film Foldable Displays

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