PPF Film Processors LH

ESTANE® TPU Solutions for PPF Film Processors

Producing Films for Paint Protection Applications?  

When you select ESTANE® TPU for your Paint Protection film applications, you can be sure you’ve got the solution that’s been proven through decades of real-time experience and which is backed by a range of state-of-the-art testing capabilities. ESTANE® TPU outperforms the alternatives when it comes to physical and visual properties.

Backed by Dedicated PPF Applications Expertise

Our material science expertise includes decades of know-how processing TPU, and that expertise is further complemented by our Performance Coatings applications engineers.  We can help guide the film fabrication process using statistical tools and flow modeling software, and can assist with guidance on film : coatings compatibility. Our extensive pilot scale-up capabilities allow for rapid prototyping and fast turnaround time to shorten development cycles. We can even develop custom test methods to suit unique application needs.

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