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The automotive industry is evolving and going through a transformation to focus more on sustainability, shared mobility and e-mobility.  Ongoing trends also have changed and raised user expectations. There is more emphasis and demand for a better user experience inside the car and higher performance. Going forward, car buying decisions will be highly influenced by the car interior's user experience. 
Our ESTANE® solutions help OEMs/component makers design luxurious interiors with high-performing, low VOC materials. Low VOC materials improve the air quality in the interior and reduce the false /chemical smell.  Our extensive range of ESTANE® polymers offer OEMs/component manufacturers the ability to design the following components with a luxurious, odor-free, clean interior.


synthetic leather L

Synthetic Leather

We work closely with synthetic leather manufacturers to offer customized solutions for haptics, flexibility and performance. Key applications are: Seats, dashboards, door panels and gear knob dust covers.

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TPU For Adhesives

Instrument Panel Skin

Instrument Panel Skin made from by ESTANE® TPU offers high-performing low VOC and better haptics. It has other benefits as follow: 

  • Safer air bag deployment 
  • Low VOC/odor
  • Weight reduction by reducing the skin thickness 
  • Process flexibility (injection molding or slush molding

Injection Molded Parts - Gear Knobs, Shutter Pads, Cup Holders and Door Handles

Focused on a sustainable future, we offer Bio TPU™. Made with renewable-sourced materials (content ranging from 30%-70% according to ASTM D6866), Bio TPU™ is equally as sustainable as it is durable. Passing the toughest automotive specifications for fogging, scratch-resistance, UV and hydrolysis resistance, it delivers the reliability and efficiency the industry demands without compromising performance.

Adhesives for Interior Applications

From automotive and furnishing applications to textile bonding, we provide the highest quality and broad TPU portfolio available to satisfy your needs across a wide range of melting temperatures and crystallization speeds. 

Seat Covers

Myflam™ flame retardant compounds provide solutions for the industry's most challenging flame retardant requirements with both halogen and non-halogen offerings. The unique portfolio of Myflam technologies balances complex technical textile performance requirements with ever increasing environmental regulations to provide flame retardancy without affecting the textile's intended end-use properties.

Automotive Electronics

For the electronics side of the vehicle, we have a diverse portfolio which you can read about here.

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Bio TPU™ by Lubrizol offers bio-based*, renewable-sourced materials for molding and overmolding applications:

Solutions for hot melts adhesives (HMAs) and reactive hot melts (HMPUR):

Solutions for film construction in seating and for PVC compounds in artificial leather:

*Bio-based content as certified in accordance with ASTMD D-6866


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