Solthix™ T23300   Rheology Control Additive

Synthetic Thickener

Solthix™ T23300 polymer is a powdered synthetic thickener based on polyacrylic acid. Solthix T23300 is a synthetic thickener used in aqueous systems for a variety of different purposes in printing, coating or other technical applications. It demonstrates efficient thickening performance and flexibility in formulation for different end-uses. This resin is un-neutralized and requires addition of an appropriate neutralizing agent to achieve maximum thickening efficiency. Neutralized dispersions of the Solthix T23300 show high viscosity and high yield stress and can be used for suspending pigments or other particles in an aqueous system

Regional Availability: Asia Pacific EMEAI Latin America North America

  • Packaging Coatings 
  • Analog Printing Coatings 
  • Analog Printing Inks 
  • Apparel Coatings 
  • Custom Textile Formulations 
  • Home Furnishing Coatings 
  • Technical Textile Coatings 
  • Transportation Textile Coatings 
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