Dish Care

Dish CareThe Home business of Lubrizol Life Science provides Carbopol® polymers and Noverite™ functional polymers that can be used to formulate automatic dishwashing systems and manual dishwashing formulations.

Noverite™ 311 and Noverite™ 315 polymers are high performance polymers for improving the foam longevity and performance of a wide range of liquid detergent products.  The unique ampholytic terpolymer structure enables foam boosting performance by synergistically interacting with the surfactants in the detergent products.

Noverite™ AD 810 polymer is a multifunctional polymeric co-builder that is used as sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP) replacement in automatic dish care.  The unique acrylic terpolymer provides chelating, anti-scaling, and anti-filming properties. Noverite™ K series polymers also provide performance through chelation, inhibiting precipitation of silicates, carbonates, and phosphates along with crystal growth inhibition. 

Novethix™ HC200 polymer is a hyper-HASE polymer with a special molecular design to maximize its thickening efficiency in surfactant systems with clarity and synergy with electrolytes. It is designed to meet rheology needs for formulating crystal clear and viscous liquid detergents and is capable of thickening the most difficult to thicken surfactant systems.

Carbopol® polymers provide suspension and stabilization of gels with high levels of electrolytes and builders. Carbopol polymers provide stable viscosity in high alkaline bleach containing systems which are used as sanitizing agents in automatic dish formulations.  The shear-thinning rheology of Carbopol polymers also provide easy dispensing, and good dissolution while minimizing product dripping in dishwashers.