As a leader in polymer and surfactant technologies, Lubrizol Life Science Home is bringing this expertise to the Agrochemical market.  Our rheology, surface modifying, surfactant and ester solutions work to optimize the performance of active ingredients in crop production.

We maintain a current list of EPA inert ingredients that enables our partners to formulate with success. 


  • Water-based adjuvants
  • Solvent-based adjuvants

Product Lines and Benefits

  • Noverite™ polymers as water softeners and chelators, dispersants and anti-redeposition agents
  • Carbopol®, Novethix™, Pemulen™ and Glucamate™ rheology modifiers to thicken, emulsify and/or suspend actives
  • Amidex™, Chembetaine™, Chemoxide™ and Chemphos™ surfactants to emulsify, wet, disperse or act as solvents

Solutions for Agrochemical Market

Use the form to share details about your specific application needs for formulating adjuvants.  Let’s collaborate to identify the inert ingredients to optimize your formulations.

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