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ESTANE® EV TPU for Electric Vehicle Charging System Cables

Parallel to the growth of Electric Vehicles (EV) and the focus on finding more sustainable alternatives, Lubrizol’s technical experts have developed a range of material solutions specifically for EV charging system cables. ESTANE® EV TPUs are the result of such work and are commercially available resins. These are non-halogenated flame retardant materials that have been formulated to meet the most relevant industry standards.

ESTANE EV TPUs with low toxicity/smoke and showing an advantage in conductivity (<35 µS/mm) are compliant with the following cable industry standards: IEC 62893 and EN 50620. ESTANE polymers for EVs provide a durable, long-lasting effect even on cables requiring very good aesthetics (e.g., no whitening). Other key performance benefits include low volatiles, easy processability and low or no odor. 

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Product Name Hardness Americas Asia EMEAI Technical Data Sheet
ESTANE EV 85AT8 TPU 85A English
ESTANE EV 89AT9 TPU 87A English
ESTANE EV 90AT2 TPU 90A English

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