Hot Melt Adhesives Solutions - Pearlbond™ TPU

The Hottest Thing in Hot Melt Adhesives

Ever since there’s been manufacturing, there’s been a need to join materials together. Today, one of the most popular and productive ways to do that is Hot Melt Adhesives, or HMAs. That’s because HMAs are 100% solid, low to emission-free, and contain no solvents. They’re applied in the liquid state and set through the loss of heat, so they're lightweight, have a very fast setting speed and provide instant bonding.

Introducing Pearlbond™ TPU for Hot Melt Adhesives. Pearlbond TPUs provide the flexibility to join seemingly endless types of materials together to take innovative new product designs to market. In lingerie, sportswear, home textiles, leather, life jackets, carpets and just about anywhere you need a strong flexible bond, you’ll find Pearlbond TPU for HMAs.

Features and Benefits

  • Low to high melting point (50-150°C)
  • Wide range of activation temperatures
  • Minimal VOCs
  • Plasticizer-free
  • Temperature and washing resistance
  • Allows for breathable and color-stable specialties
  • Slow to very fast crystallization rate
  • Oeko-Tex® compliant grades available upon request

Product Guide

Pearlbond for Hot Melt Adhesives

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