Carboset® CR-7185   Acrylic Emulsion

APEO-Free, Readily coalesced DIY & OEM coatings

Carboset® CR-7185 is an APEO-free acrylic copolymer emulsion designed for air or forced dry coatings on wood, metal and plastic substrates. Carboset CR-7185 resin can be formulated into clear or pigmented finishes suitable for both DIY and industrial (OEM) coatings. Carboset CR-7185 resin is readily coalesced with both ethylene and propylene glycol ethers. This polymer can be readily formulated into brush, roll, spray, dip or flow coatings. Carboset CR-7185 resin has excellent gasoline and solvent resistance, making it suitable for automotive ancillary and general industrial finishes. This hydrocarbon resistance coupled with fast dry and low MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate) make Carboset CR-7185 resin an excellent choice for concrete curing membranes and sealers. Carboset CR-7185 resin can be blended with Sancure® 1514 dispersion, waterborne aromatic polyurethane, for additional toughness and wear resistance, when formulated for clear wood finishes for trim and flooring. Typical applications: Clear wood floor finishes | clear concrete sealers | Concrete curing membranes | General industrial finishes | Automotive metal & plastic finishes | Business machine coatings | Implement enamels

Regional Availability: Asia Pacific EMEAI Latin America North America

  • Building & Construction Coatings 
  • Industrial OEM Coatings 
  • Protective Coatings 
  • Transportation Coatings 
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