Vinyl Chloride Emulsions Impart Flame Retardancy (and More) in Highloft Applications

Posted by Performance Coatings Team on 08/08/2023

Highloft nonwovens are used in a wide variety of applications because of their unique insulation, cushioning and comfort properties. Usually made from synthetic materials, highloft nonwovens are created to have low density and a high degree of loft, which allows them to trap more air and deliver exceptional insulation and cushioning.

Depending on the application, highloft nonwovens are tasked with providing technical textile material requirements, such as strength, chemical resistance, durability and heat sealability. Probably the most desirable property highloft nonwovens are tasked with is delivering flame retardancy, particularly in applications like air filters, furniture padding and insulation.

To achieve the desired properties, highloft nonwovens typically receive a polymer surface treatment. Acrylic emulsions are one common treatment option, but they don’t provide flame retardancy, so they’re not appropriate for all applications. Vinyl chloride emulsions are becoming an increasingly popular option for certain highloft applications because they deliver multiple desirable properties, including flame retardancy.

Vycar™ Vinyl Chloride Emulsions

Lubrizol has developed vinyl chloride copolymer emulsions under the brand name Vycar™ that are purpose-built for applications that require flame retardancy and multiple other properties, like chemical resistance, durability and the ability to heat seal/RF weld. They are designed for coating a range of substrates and for impregnation and saturation of fibrous materials.

The dielectric sealability and flame retardancy of Vycar vinyl chloride emulsions make them excellent for air filtration media. Home furnishings can meet the most demanding flame retardancy standards by applying Vycar vinyl chloride emulsions. They are also good options for applications like insulation and abrasive pads.

Ready-to-Use or Custom-Tailored Solutions

Vycar products that are most appropriate for highloft applications include Vycar™ 351, Vycar™ 352, Vycar™ 460x104, Vycar™ 460x119 and Vycar™ 460x122. With our formulation and application expertise, we can offer these ready-to-use coatings tailored to specific application equipment and methods. If the right solution for a particular application is not available from our existing portfolio, we can help formulate coatings based on a Vycar emulsion to meet specific needs.

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