Kelco-Care™ diutan gum

Efficient by nature

Obtained by fermentation, this naturally derived rheology modifier offers the possibility to formulate high-performance hair care products, even at low use levels, while providing protection, repair and conditioning sensory to the fiber.


Versatile rheology modifier

It thickens, suspends, and stabilizes formulations, properties are boosted with the addition of salt. It is effective across a wide range of pH and temperatures, is electrolyte compatible, and allows the creation of formulations with a smooth sensory texture.


Anti-breakage, repair and conditioning benefits to hair

It can impart protection and repair benefits to hair fibers event at low use levels. It also offers excellent conditioning benefits, giving a nice silky effect to the hair.


Recommended applications

Conditioners, treatments and hair color.


Naturality derived  (ISO 16128)  *  Readily biodegradable  *  Obtained by fermentation  * Vegan suitable  * Cold processable


Kelco-Care™ diutan gum products are manufactured by CP Kelco U.S., INC. Kelco-Care™ is a trademark of CP Kelco and is used under license.

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