Novethix™ HC200 polymer

Novethix™ HC200 polymer is a hyper-HASE polymer designed to maximize thickening efficiency in surfactant systems containing electrolytes. It works synergistically with salt to thicken challenging surfactant systems and provides crystal clear formulations.

Features and Benefits

  • Compatible with broad surfactant systems
  • Effective in difficult-to-thicken systems including ones with high levels of AEO and/or soap, low total surfactant levels
  • Enables cold processing for ease of use
  • Improves viscosity with no impact on detergent performance
  • In-line processing at any stage
  • Provides crystal clear systems
  • Synergistic thickening with electrolytes


  • Dish Care: Liquid, Manual Dish
  • Fabric Care: Fine Fabric, Laundry Detergent, Liquid Detergents
  • Surface Care: Cleansers, Window and Glass


  • Rheology Modification