Topical Lotions and Gels

Topical Drug Delivery

Topical drug delivery offers a safe, more convenient treatment option for a variety of disorders when compared to systemic dosage forms. With the increasing prevalence of dermatological disorders and infections, coupled with a growing need for pain management and longer-lasting bioadhesive formulations, topical drug delivery is playing a critical role in the pharmaceutical industry.

Topical drug delivery can include dermal, nasal, ocular, rectal, and vaginal routes of administration. Liquid solutions and suspensions as well as semisolids such as creams, lotions, ointments, and gels are common topical drug delivery formats for a variety of indications.

LLS Health has extensive experience supplying best-in-class bioadhesive excipients that support topical drug products. Whether developing an over-the-counter product or prescription drug formulation, Lubrizol is a comprehensive partner in the topical drug delivery space.
Our Carbopol® polymers, Pemulen polymers and Noveon® polycarbophil, as well as our other topical IID-listed polymers, have been used extensively in the development of safe and effective topical products. These excipients provide critical qualities to address market needs, including:
  • Ideal Aesthetic and Sensory Qualities – increase patient compliance through low-irritation, aesthetically pleasing formulations with optimal feel
  • Bioadhesion / Mucoadhesion – optimize drug delivery by prolonging product contact with biological membranes, improve patient compliance via reduced need for frequent drug administration, and protect and lubricate mucosal surfaces
  • Efficient Rheology Modification and thickening for topical semisolids