oral solid dose

Oral Solid Dose

LLS Health offers multiple grades of high molecular weight, extended release polymer (ER polymer) excipients, including Carbopol® polyacrylic acid polymers and Noveon® polycarbophil. These have been used successfully in commercial formulations for decades and are highly efficient gel-forming and matrix table binders, allowing for controlled drug release tablets, taste masking, and mucoadhesion. Benefits include:

  • Ability to produce multimedia compliant, controlled release oral solid dose formulations in combination with a broad spectrum of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), buffering agents, and/or co-excipients
  • Highly efficient gel matrix formation, used either alone or with other co-excipients, which are effective at low polymer usage levels
  • Effective tablet binding
  • Optimal performance as extended release polymers or controlled release polymers
  • Ability to produce smaller, easier to swallow tablets compared to other polymers like cellulosics
  • Versatile processing options, such as direct compression (Carbopol 71G NF) and wet and dry granulation
  • Excellent mucoadhesion properties and taste masking of bitter drugs
  • Global pharmacopoeial and regulatory compliance
LLS Health controlled release excipients for solid oral drug delivery offer excellent physical properties, such as tablet hardness and low friability, over a wide range of compression forces,  and come in both powder and granular forms. Our excipients are manufactured under GMPs in ISO:9001 certified facilities, have established DMFs, and have been extensively tested for biocompatibility and safety.

Technical Solutions

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