CPVC Pellets

Material Properties

CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) is a strong, durable thermoplastic produced by the post-chlorination of polyvinyl chloride resin. Originally developed by Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc., TempRite® Engineered Materials CPVC can be formed into products that have excellent chemical resistance, can withstand high temperatures and pressure, are weatherproof, and offer high chlorine and biofilm resistance.

Lubrizol offers a wide variety of TempRite Engineered Materials CPVC products, both directly and through our specialty compounding partners.

Material properties vary between resins and compounds within the product portfolio. Please contact us to review your needs and to determine which product would be the best fit.

Representative Range of Material Properties

Compounds* Resins*
 HDT 215⁰F - 222⁰F  % Chlorine by Weight: 65 – 68%
 Vicat “B” Softening: 215⁰F – 261⁰F  Intrinsic Viscosity: 0.68 – 0.92
 Impact, Izod, Notched: 2.1 – 5.4 ft.lbs./in.  Vicat “B” Softening: 259⁰F - 302⁰F
 Tensile Strength: 6500 – 8000psi  Glass Transition Temperature: 221⁰F – 311⁰F 
 Tensile Modulus: 326,000 – 470,000psi  Average particle size: 100 – 200 microns
 Flexural Strength: 12,000 – 13,600psi  Apparent Bulk Density: 32-36 lbs/ft3
 Flexural Modulus: 335,000 - 455,000psi  K Value: 50 – 67 (57-67)
 Coefficient of Linear Expansion: 3.1 x10-5 - 4.0x10-5 in/in⁰F  Specific Gravity: 1.50 – 1.65 
 Rockwell Hardness: R112 – R119  Molecular Weight (Mn): 44,000 – 70,000
 Specific Gravity: 1.46 – 1.52  Molecular Weight (Mw): 102,000 – 155,000
 Melt Flow Index: 11.5 – 16 g/10min  Molecular Weight (Mz): 168,000 – 256,000
 Flammability**: V-0 – 5VA  
 Relative Thermal Index**: 221⁰F (105⁰C)  
 Hot Wire Ignition, 3mm**: plc 1  
 High Amp Ignition, 3mm**: plc 0  
 High Voltage Track Resistance, 3mm**: plc4  

*Specific product properties may vary within the ranges; please contact us to discuss your needs.

**Meets, not listed.

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