EVA Hot-Melt Adhesives

TempRite® Engineered Materials resins are used to enhance the performance of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) hot-melt adhesive technologies.

Including TempRite resins in a EVA hot-melt adhesive formulation can:

  • Increase the bonding area
  • Decrease the drying time
  • Increase thermal stability
  • Increase flame resistance

Popular applications include furniture, profile wrapping and edge banding.



The construction industry demands exceptional adhesion reliability, durability, flexibility and appearance. TempRite CPVC offers improved performance across a wide range of construction sectors and applications.

Furniture, Profile Wrapping and Edge Banding

In these manufacturing processes, TempRite CPVC materials, used as additives in hot melt adhesives, increase the bonding area to contact, reduces cycle time and can improve temperature/fire resistance.
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