Diversity Champions

Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Champions

Every Lubrizol employee is an important part of our sustainable Diversity and Inclusion efforts. The success of the company and the cultivation of its global mindset is dependent on participation at every level. Certain individuals within the organization have stepped up and taken on additional accountabilities to drive our strategy as follows:

Global IDEA Council

The Global Diversity and Inclusion Council is a group of senior leaders that acts on behalf of Lubrizol to jumpstart and lead progress toward creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Partnering throughout the organization, the D&I Council works to ensure tight alignment with Lubrizol’s overall business strategy and supports practices that accelerate D&I goals.

Inclusion Advocate Network

Inclusion Advocates are Diversity and Inclusion Champions dedicated to developing and sustaining an inclusive workplace. Embedded in the business, these individuals are selected to represent and serve our divisions at a local level. Inclusion Advocates leverage tools, information and educational content to facilitate critical discussions and coach others with a focus on accelerating our success.

Employee Resource Groups

Lubrizol's Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are employee-driven organizations that raise awareness and greater connectedness. These groups are a crucial part of our inclusion strategy because they provide diverse insights and encourage all employees to be a spokesperson for diversity issues that are not necessarily their own. Our ERGs create a powerful voice by uniting different diversity dimensions for greater employee engagement.