Lubrizol Advanced Materials

You likely touch Lubrizol Advanced Materials products every day. They are in the shampoos and soaps you use, the clothes you wear…and much more. Our unique formulations result in many of the distinct characteristics that drive consumer buying decisions. As an innovation leader, we leverage our core polymer and surface active chemistries and formulations to create proprietary, high-performance materials for our customers in a wide range of industries. In this way, we help our customers stay ahead of their customers' needs.

Product Lines

Plumbing Systems

CPVC Piping Systems

The world leader in CPVC resins and compounds with proven performance - since 1959.

Performance Footwear

Engineered Polymers

From running shoes to auto applications, our products are in action just about anywhere you look.

sensory modifiers

Life Science: Beauty, Health and Home

Adding value through improved functionality and enhanced performance to our customers' products.

General Industrial

Performance Coatings

What we add makes a difference in our customers' products.