Custom Injection Molding

Custom Injection Molding Compounds

Lubrizol is a world leader in CPVC technology and offers custom injection moulding (CIM) compounds under the TempRite® Engineered Materials brand.

TempRite Engineered Materials custom injection moulding CPVC is suitable for processing on conventional injection moulding equipment, and recent advances in Lubrizol technology now allow for cost-effective replacement of expensive engineering resins as well as value-added substitution where conventional thermoplastics do not meet performance requirements.

Custom Injection Moulding compounds from Lubrizol offer market-leading performance. TempRite Engineered Materials CPVC compounds have Heat Distortion Temperatures from 88-104oC, offering improved resistance to distortion and deformation under extreme temperatures. They have superior flame and smoke requirements from V0 to 5VA performance in accordance with UL 94 for applications requiring low flame spread, and offer broad chemical resistance in corrosive environments. Products injection moulded from TempRite® Engineered Materials CPVC are also suitable for post-manufacture operations such as machining and painting.

These compounds can typically be processed in moulds built for conventional thermoplastics, and may offer reduced cycle times and scrap rates as well as longer tool life. Post-production material is recyclable.

For moulding applications where PVC is inadequate but PVDF and PSU/PPSU are over-engineered, TempRite Engineered Materials CIM compounds may be an ideal option.

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