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Raising your business with HP and Lubrizol 3DP solutions (Chinese language)

This webinar will focus on the innovative collaboration between HP and Lubrizol to promote the application of 3D printing technology in the mass production of end parts. Topics include HP's MJF printing platform and application introduction, as well as Lubrizol's ESTANE® 3DP TPU material solution. 

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3D Printing Robotic Automation Webinar

8 Robotic & Automation Applications Using Flexible 3D Printed Parts

Learn more about robotic and automation applications using Flexible 3D Printed parts by watching this webinar from Lubrizol, HP and Forerunner 3D Printing, featuring ESTANE® 3D TPU M95A.

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Estane 3D Printed Lattice

Application Examples Using varioshoreTPU from colorfabb

Our partner colorFabb has some varioShore solutions co-developed with our ESTANE® 3D material for the creation of different printed parts for design versatility and key technical benefits.

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