Performance Characteristics of 3D Printed TPU

ESTANE® 3D TPU M95A thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) powder is the only TPU available for HP’s Jet Fusion™ 4200 series 3D printing solution. Rigorously tested, it has outstanding performance characteristics:

Heat Resistance

Provides a high level of temperature resistance and can survive at temperatures where PA12 and PA11 might fail.

Excellent Abrasion Resistance

Offers excellent abrasion resistance which makes it ideal for a wide variety of industrial jigs and fixtures where parts are required to endure a high number of use cycles.

Exceptional Compression Recovery

Offers low levels of permanent deformation following prolonged periods of compression depending on 3D part design and geometry.

High Level Energy Return

Gives an excellent level of energy return after impact depending on 3D part design and geometry.

High Tensile Strength

Achieves a high level of elongation before failure, which makes it suitable for a wide array of applications that require flexibility and elasticity.