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Lubrizol’s Christmas Tree Tradition

Christmas Tree.
Dear Lubrizol - Painesville Plant:

For the last two years, I have worked in Mentor and have had the opportunity to enjoy the Christmas tree, placed on top of the tower, on my daily commute. I know this has been there for many years, and each day of the holiday season I look forward to seeing this brilliant reminder of the simplicity and joy of this season that we enjoy.

I wanted to send this note of thanks to the Lubrizol management and maintenance employees for sharing this with everyone. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

(Received 2018)

Many of you have seen Lubrizol’s Christmas tree lit up during our holiday season, starting just after Thanksgiving and remaining until the first of the new year. We thought perhaps you’d like to know more about the tree and its history.

As you are probably aware, Lubrizol has had a tree on the silo as long as we can remember (soon after the silo was built). In fact, we can’t remember a time when we didn’t put up the Christmas tree. It’s looked differently throughout the years, and prior to 2000, a live tree was used. Lubrizol would buy a 16-18 foot balled tree, string it with lights and then hoist it on top of the silo using a crane (no small feat!). This was very labor intensive as you can imagine. When the weather cooperated the next year, we took the tree down and donated it to Habitat for Humanity, or a park in Painesville.

When we realized the stress the trees were under from the exposure to winter weather, and the challenges we faced planting when the ground was not always completely unfrozen, the challenges outweighed the benefit. Many of the trees died from the harsh winter weather. The weight of the tree ball was also so heavy, it was stressing the roof of our silo. Our maintenance supervisor came up with a plan to fabricate a solid metal structure that could withstand the elements and be enjoyed for many years into the future.

In November 2000, the new tree was lifted to its current location. It stands approximately 28 feet tall and contains 10-12 strands, and more than 400 lights. 

Every year the “tree guys” (our electricians) replace the bulbs and every few years they completely restring it. With the most recent change to LED lights, relamping the tree every year wasn’t necessary and most years, lighting the tree only requires a flip of a breaker! The red strobe light tree topper was also upgraded to a new top resembling a white star.

Did you know that one year, the tree lighting almost didn’t happen? Many of the electricians recall that one year around 1999 - 2001, the maintenance crew decided we didn’t have the manpower to put the tree up that year. As the days passed and the tree was not lit, neighbors and friends began calling, inquiring about our tree. We soon realized how important of a tradition it had become and we were able to brighten the holidays a few days late.

Over the years we have received many comments from neighbors in our community that enjoy seeing our tree and look forward to it every year. Our employees love it as much as you do and look forward to seeing it come on after Thanksgiving, as is our tradition. It’s a symbol to us that “all is well”! A simple joy that means so much.


Supporting our Neighbors – now more than ever!

Filling Breakfast Bags for Project Hope
Robbie Hamilton and Mary Jane Sanders fill breakfast bags for Project Hope residents that are being housed temporarily in hotels. Each bag is filled with items: juice, cereal, breakfast/granola bars, yogurt, fruit cups, or Danish.

Supporting and protecting our neighbors is part of our Lubrizol corporate philosophy. In this COVID-19 environment, we’ve been actively supporting our communities as part of our mission to improve lives. Lubrizol-Painesville is stepping up to assist our local community during our fight against the challenges caused by COVID-19. We’ve all felt the impact, however our non-profits, many who are helping the homeless or hungry, have felt their needs rise dramatically.

We knew we had the resources to help alleviate some of those needs. Here are just a few examples of how Lubrizol-Painesville is helping our neighbors:

Project Hope for the Homeless

  • Providing critical needs items (food, cleaning supplies).
  • Providing 90 breakfast bags that are given to residents being housed temporarily at hotels in order to ensure social distancing at the shelter.

End 98 Days of Hunger

  • Donated $500 to this organization to provide lunches to students out of school because of COVID-19

United Way of Lake County

  • Donated $300 to this organization for the Feed Lake County campaign

Painesville City Schools

  • Donated funds to purchase graduation recognition signs for the community and graduates


In addition, to see how the corporation has committed over $2M in community support globally, read details of our response on pages 6 &7 of our 2021 Corporate Report or view our video Global Goals, Local Actions.