Lubrizol Introduces High-Solids Turboset™ 5000HS Polyurethane Dispersion for Low VOC Wood Floor Coatings

July 2, 2024

Cleveland, Ohio –Lubrizol introduces high-solids, self-crosslinking Turboset™ 5000HS polyurethane dispersion (PUD), the newest addition to its portfolio of resin technologies for coatings that protect sports and other high traffic wood floors.

Designed for outstanding protection in clear wood finishes, Turboset 5000HS is a TEA-free, low VOC, 50% solids, self-crosslinking water-borne polyurethane dispersion that delivers high abrasion, chemical, and black heel mark resistance. The unique low VOC and high-solids combination enables formulations based on Turboset 5000HS to provide more coverage per volume, which reduces the number of applications required for desired performance and faster return to service. With a unique self-crosslinking mechanism that cures as the film dries, Turboset 5000HS also simplifies the application process, lowering risks associated with higher VOC, two-component systems and reducing waste.

“The entire value chain will experience benefits”, shares Miriam Peralta, global market manager, resin technologies. “Coating manufacturers will see protection capabilities that outperform many solvent-borne predecessors as well as reduced shipping emissions due to the lower levels of water. Contractors will experience efficiency and safety with a lower VOC, safer product that requires fewer coats. End-users will appreciate reduced job cost, faster return to service, and outstanding durability.”

Turboset 5000HS PUD joins a growing portfolio of coating technologies from Lubrizol that enable formulators to meet their sustainability initiatives while enhancing the performance of their products.

Contact your Lubrizol account manager or visit Turboset 5000HS Polyurethane Dispersion for additional product details or to request a sample.

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