Our Philosophy

IDEA – Inclusion, Diversity, Equity in Action 

One of the founding principles of The Lubrizol Corporation more than 90 years ago was treating every employee with dignity and respect. That same commitment is only stronger today. More than that, we are committed to providing an environment where every employee can be the best they can be, no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation or any other characteristic.  

At Lubrizol, Diversity and Inclusion is not a program. It is a mindset and a strategy that drives a high-performing culture and propels business growth. Together, we believe that embracing and celebrating our diversity, inclusion and global mindset is a key enabler of our success. 

Today, we look at this opportunity as: 

  • Inclusion: How we welcome and embrace diversity and create a sense of connection, so all employees belong, contribute and thrive. 
  • Diversity: What makes individuals different and unique. 
  • Equity: The manner in which individuals are treated fairly. Lubrizol strives to ensure that the way employees contribute to our business and access development opportunities is independent and uninfluenced by different dimensions of diversity. 
  • Action: Every employee is accountable for enabling sustainable inclusion, diversity and equity. This shared ownership requires all employees to align actions and behaviors to raise awareness and offer opportunity for greater connection.  

To do this, we engage our global workforce through three pillars: 

  • Owned by the Organization – Ways our employees can engage and improve their own teams, sites and communities.
  • Measured to Track Progress Over Time – We use internal and external metrics to understand and measure how Lubrizol is making a difference and driving business impact.
  • Embedded – We work to continuously improve all of our processes and procedures to ensure inclusion, diversity and equity operates at a foundational level to enable business results.

IDEA Pillars

Commitment to Diversity 

We believe that to leverage the power of different backgrounds, experiences, and dimensions of diversity we must create an environment that is inclusive. Lubrizol strives to create a workplace where employees can share their experiences and viewpoints to truly drive innovation and growth.  

That is why we start with a fundamental belief that inclusion starts with every employee having a right to dignity and respect and are committed as a company to ensure we create an employee experience that delivers business results and harnesses our true potential. 

As a company this means that we work through various stakeholders to enable this fundamental alignment and work to consistently review our policies, processes, and procedures. Lubrizol has developed internal benchmarks that enable us to reflect on how competitive we are within the chemical industry in this space.  

Lubrizol recognizes that there have been limitations within the chemical industry and through this commitment to Inclusion, Diversity and Equity we can enhance both our employee experience and invest in our communities to ensure we are developing and harnessing future talent pipelines.