SULFA-CLEAR™ 8846 Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger

High Performing, Low Nitrogen Content H2S Scavenger

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a toxic, corrosive gas that’s encountered in the oil and gas industry. H2S is soluble in both water and hydrocarbon and thus an optimal scavenger needs to scavenge H2S from both. Operators are faced with several major issues when producing oil and gas containing H2S including HSE and regulatory concerns, along with multiple operational issues. A variety of products are available for the removal of H2S from gas and crude oil streams, the most common being triazine based H2S scavengers.

Lubrizol’s SULFA-CLEAR™ 8846 hydrogen sulfide scavenger offers our customers a fast acting, higher efficiency alternative to conventional triazine. SULFA-CLEAR 8846 reduces many process issues associated with conventional triazine, increases crude value by minimizing nitrogen contamination, decreases transportation cost with lower dosage rates and exhibits a better environmental profile.

Laboratory Bubble Test Results
Figure 1: H2S Scavenger Capacity Testing Plot

80% MEA Triazine 922 705,600
SULFA-CLEAR™ 8846 1,054 1,259,175
Laboratory Bubble Test Results
Figure 2: H2S Scavenger Capacity Testing Table
Experiments performed at ambient pressure & 25 °C with a target flow rate of 75 cc/minute and scavenger concentration of 200 ppm.

Features & Benefits

  • SULFA-CLEAR 8846 is more efficient than traditional triazine products

  • SULFA-CLEAR 8846 reaction kinetics are comparable to triazine products

  • SULFA-CLEAR 8846 has a low nitrogen content, limiting crude contamination

  • H2S reaction products are water soluble with no precipitation observed by oversaturation

  • Limited to no precipitation of calcium scale has been observed with SULFA-CLEAR 8846 due to the oil soluble nature of the product

  • SULFA-CLEAR 8846 can be applied without dilution


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