Lubrizol Test Method for Copper Corrosion in EV Motors Wins SAE International Award

May 7, 2024

CLEVELAND, Ohio – May 7, 2024 – A team of experts from The Lubrizol Corporation have been recognized for their significant contribution to the fuels and mobility industry with the development of a new corrosion testing method. The innovation earned Lubrizol employees Gregory Hunt and Michael Gahagan the SAE International Award for Outstanding Research in Mobility Fuels and Lubricants at a recent ceremony and reflects Lubrizol’s continued leadership in EV lubricant technology. The SAE International Award recognized Lubrizol’s team along with other leaders for bringing about this innovative advancement to the mobility industry.

Initial work on the test began in Lubrizol’s research and development laboratories and culminated only after years of research and testing. The test addresses an industry-wide need to develop a corrosion test that accurately measures the performance of lubricants at actual application temperatures. The test is pertinent to all applications where corrosion is a concern and is particularly relevant in assessing copper corrosion in electrified powertrains.

The test was validated and widespread use made practical through the collaboration of industry partners in the automotive and e-mobility space.

“SAE International’s recognition of this important development in corrosion testing is gratifying, as it illustrates the impact Lubrizol researchers have on the industry as a whole,” said Brenna Huovie, Vice President of Additives Technology at Lubrizol. “The Wire Corrosion Test is a shining example of the way collaboration and ingenuity can take a scientific concept through to commercial application.”

This achievement comes on the heels of several award wins and recognition Lubrizol has recently received, including customer, industry and innovation recognition across its portfolio. Earlier this year, the Wire Corrosion Test was recognized by the Rosefield Energy Tech Awards for technological advancement. In addition, Lubrizol secured the IRI Innovation Excellence Award for Digital and Technological Innovation for its Q.LIFE® testing and data analytics system.

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