As the mobility industry shifts its attention toward electrification and autonomy, there is a gap in knowledge and resources at OEMs to continue conventional powertrain research, testing and product development. Utilizing our market insights, application capabilities and chemistry expertise, Lubrizol has identified new ways to deliver value. We have unique testing capabilities, established resources and a successful history/brand to deliver solutions to OEMs within this market, especially in, but not limited to, the interaction between hardware and materials.


Engineering & Design

Test procedure creation and development, including mechanical and electrical design, hardware specification, operating conditions, validity criteria and overall performance metrics; replication of field issues or customer duty cycles in a controlled test lab environment.

Fluid Development Program

Research, design and development solutions for fluid specifications and test procedures which are tailored to individual customer performance needs.

Outsource Testing

Combination of our extensive global powertrain testing capabilities and facilities with our expert team to execute tests and evaluate product performance, ensuring timely results, unmatched test quality and reliability.

Fluid Approvals & Licensing

Extensive expertise to provide development, implementation and administration services to customers to ensure a successful fluid approval and licensing program.

Testing Systems

Continuous support in the construction of new test stands through every stage of the process, including hardware procurement, installation, troubleshooting and ongoing support.

Measurement Science & Analysis

Conception of unique testing methods to measure, analyze and interpret real-world data that is directly linked to product performance and differentiation with focus on solving customer and industry challenges.

Field Testing

Design, execution, data acquisition and results interpretation relating to real-world, full-vehicle or industrial applications to confirm proof-of-performance in the final stages of development.

Advising & Consulting

Proficiency in powertrain and industrial additives, as well as finished lubricants, focused on failure mechanisms, data interpretation, manufacturing and application to assist customers with every step of the development process.