Warwick™ BCX2027 TAED Hygienic Activator White

The peracetic acid generated when using Warwick™ BCX2027 TAED Bleach Activator is a broad spectrum biocide that kills bacteria, viruses and spores. Pathogens do not acquire a resistance to this product. Warwick™ BCX2027 TAED Bleach Activator provides a hygienic wash and reduces malodours produced by bacterial action. Warwick™ BCX2027 TAED Bleach Activator is listed by the US EPA as a Manufacturing Use Product for biocidal formulations and our company is listed on Article 95 of the European Biocidal Product Regulation as a manufacturer of TAED for the in situ generation of peracetic acid. Warwick™ BCX2027 TAED Bleach Activator is a white, fine granulate activator designed for uses where a small particle size is needed, It helps to remove tough stains and provides hygienic cleaning.

Features and Benefits

  • Biocidal activity on reaction with a hydrogen peroxide source (peracetic acid formed)
  • Controls odor
  • Delivers performance from 20-60* C
  • Increased whiteness
  • Keeps machines hygienic
  • Low temperature bleachable stain removal
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • Reduces bacteria on both fabric and in the wash water
  • Stable in formulation


  • Fabric Care: Unit Dose Detergents


  • Bleach Activator - Normal Temperature
  • Bleach Activator - Powder
  • Bleach Activator - Powder