Reactive Polyamide Technology - Exploring Opportunities Beyond Coatings

Posted by Performance Coatings Team on 08/10/2021

Aptalon™ Polyamide Technology has been under development for the past decade with several commercial products now commercially available for high performance wood and metal coatings.

However, Aptalon Polyamide Technology can be used for many applications beyond the protective coating segment. It can be used as impact modifiers for thermoset resins like epoxy or phenolic resins,  hydrolysis  resistant urethane foams, TPU components,  UV-curable resins, adhesives, sealants and potentially so much more.

Testing has shown great adhesion to polar surfaces – like nylon plastic and fiber. The polyamide technology has superior hydrolysis resistance compared to traditional polyesters. It has demonstrated higher heat resistance, and great abrasion resistance in coatings.

The Reactive Polyamide Technology consists of 100% solids polymers. It offers a variety of functionalities which makes the platform very adaptable to diverse applications. The technology is available in hydroxyl terminated oligomers HTPA, carboxyl terminated CTPA, and amine terminated ATPA functionalities. Molecular weight ranging from 1100 to 3200; glass transitions (Tg) from -53 to -23; and functionalities of two or more can be engineered.

The potential applications for reactive polyamide technology are seemingly endless, and Lubrizol expects truly innovative formulators to find a great deal of product differentiation based on its outstanding performance capabilities. With several products available for sale and testing, we are ready to collaborate with customers to customize its chemistry and performance for the next big application. The technology promises to help customers explore previously unattainable performance from other technologies.

Additional information on Aptalon Reactive Polyamide Technology is available in these literature pieces:

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