Lubrizol Announces Updates to its FBC™ System Compatible Program

January 15, 2014 – To maintain the reliability and accuracy of its FBC™ System Compatible Program, The Lubrizol Corporation’s CPVC piping systems business is reporting the following changes in the status of two products currently listed within the program. 

  • LA-CO, the manufacturer of Slic-Tite® Paste, has changed the name of its product to Slic-Tite® Paste with PTFE. Slic-Tite Paste with PTFE is a thread sealant paste.
  • We continue to expand the number of products listed within the FBC System Compatible Program due to the construction industry’s ongoing interest in the program and the value it provides — increased user confidence and the elimination of guesswork about the chemical compatibility between products and Lubrizol’s CPVC piping systems. We must, nonetheless, announce that Nisus Corporation, the manufacturer of Bora-Care, has withdrawn from the program and has asked Lubrizol to de-list its product. Bora-Care is a spray-on termite prevention pre-treatment.

About the FBC System Compatible Program

The FBC™ System Compatible Program is a resource made available to manufacturers of ancillary products intended to be used with CPVC to help determine whether a product is chemically compatible with Lubrizol’s FlowGuard®, BlazeMaster®, and Corzan® CPVC piping systems. The FBC System Compatible Program is the industry’s only comprehensive program for checking chemical compatibility.

Products in the program display the FBC System Compatible mark on their labels. This mark quickly notifies installers that the product is chemically compatible with FlowGuard, BlazeMaster and Corzan CPVC products. The FBC System Compatible Program is in active use in the United States, Canada, Mexico, 25 European countries, the United Arab Emirates, India and China.

To learn more about Lubrizol’s FBC System Compatible Program and the numerous chemically compatible products it covers, call 1-855-735-1431, or visit the website, at:

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