Daily Sweat Absorbing Body Lotion SPF 10

Region: Latin America

This smooth and mild sun care lotion SPF 10 is especially designed for people seeking comfort during their exercise routine by eliminating the sweaty feeling. The combination of CARBOPOL® AQUA SF-1 OS polymer and PEMULEN™ EZ-4U polymeric emulsifier provides effective thickening and emulsion stabilization in the presence of organic UV filters without the need of additional surface-active agent. The shear-thinning rheology of the polymers’ association enables good spreading on the skin with a light and cushiony texture. SCHERCEMOL™ CATC ester optimizes organic sunscreen solubilization without a greasy afterfeel.


  • Skin Care-Body Care Lotions


  • Opaque

Product Positioning

  • Active Lifestyle
  • Light Feel
  • Mild
  • Non-Greasy
  • Spreadability
  • UV Protection

Products Used in This Formulation

Carbopol® Aqua SF-1 OS polymer

Schercemol™ CATC ester

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