Noverite™ AD Polymers

Noverite™ AD (Automatic Dish) polymer is based on acrylic chemistry designed to excel in automatic dish applications.  Noverite AD 810 polymer is a unique acrylic terpolymer designed by optimizing a combination of monomers via a proprietary polymerization process that enables outstanding anti-spotting and filming performance in liquid, powder, and tablet automatic dishwasher detergent products.  

The polymer is inherently biodegradable and meets the criteria for the EPA Safer Choice program as a Safer Chemical ingredient.


  • Noverite AD polymer is available as a liquid or a granular grade.
  • Provides efficient sequestration and chelation of calcium and other ions in hard water.
  • Anti-spotting and anti-filming when combined with common smaller molecular chelators like sodium citrate, methylglycinediacetic acid (MGDA), or glutamic acid diacetic (GLDA)
  • Noverite AD polymer can be used in automatic dishwasher detergents and other cleaners