Noverite™ 100 Polymer

Noverite™ 100 polymer is a novel, proprietary technology that adds shine and protection primarily for floor and surface care systems, polishes, and cleaners. It is recommended for use in floor cleaners and polishes, furniture polishes and sprays, multi-purpose cleaners, and kitchen and bathroom cleaners.


  • Noverite 100 polymer can be used in a variety of surface care systems and cleaners for use on many different surfaces.
  • Customized performance from a typical maintenance cleaning system to premium surface appearance restoration can be obtained by choosing a use level that balances the cleaning performance with the visual impact of shine, protection, and micro-scratch filling abilities.
  • This technology can also be applied to one-step cleaners and polishes without silicone or waxes, for excellent visual impact.


Product Name Description
Noverite™100 polymer Noverite™ 100 polymer is a translucent liquid that provides shine, stain protection and water-resistance properties to surface cleaners, waxes and polishes. It has very good biodegradable properties.