ESTANE® TRX - Advanced Material Science

What do you get when you combine 60 years of TPU materials science expertise and the leading golf shoe manufacturer? You get revolutionary VersaTrax+ traction performance engineered for outstanding on-course grip and exceptional traction on harder surfaces.

The all-new VersaTrax+ outsole delivers the best combination of uncompromising on-course traction with genuine off-course versatility.

–Richard Fryer, Director of Product Management, FJ Footwear

Delivering Uncompromising On and Off the Course Spikeless Traction


Looking to design a high performance, casual looking, spikeless golf shoe, FootJoy needed the right outsole material to achieve a high level of traction. Through research, FootJoy discovered ESTANE® TRX TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane).


After a series of material tests, FootJoy determined ESTANE® TRX provided exceptional performance and the design flexibility required for their VersaTrax+ outsole technology.


The versatile FJ Stratos™ golf shoe with VersaTrax+, powered by ESTANE® TRX, that is engineered to provide exceptional, well-balanced traction in all conditions.

Versatrax Golf Shoes 
FootJoy Versatrax+ WalkingFootJoy Versatrax+ LeisureFootJoy Versatrax+ Golf Course

Providing Modern Performance and Innovation to a Timeless Design


As part of FootJoy’s continued brand innovation, FootJoy reimagined The Premiere Series to provide a modern representation of the classic golf shoe.


While timeless in design, The Premiere Series is infused with performance innovation, led by the all-new VersaTrax+ outsole.

Modern Performance

VersaTrax+'s revolutionary anti-channeling tread pattern is engineered with ESTANE® TRX TPU to provide grip for any lie or angle, providing total traction coverage, reducing any slippage.

Versatrax Golf Shoes 
FootJoy Versatrax+ WalkingFootJoy Versatrax+ LeisureFootJoy Versatrax+ Golf Course
FootJoy Versatrax Tag 

Look for the sticker to find FootJoy golf shoes engineered with VersaTrax+ technology.

FJ Stratos Spikeless Golf Shoe

The Premiere Series by FootJoy



Learn how ESTANE® TRX TPU, an alternative to rubber, provides exceptional traction and durability in both wet and dry conditions on diverse terrains.

ESTANE® is a trademark of Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.