Potable Water

NSF Standard - NSF International Official Listing for Standard 61 indicated Lubrizol, Inc. has  supplied sufficient information to NSF International to be able to state the polymer is applicable for certain potable water applications.  The Official Listing is relevant for products manufactured at either facility as the listing shows Avon Lake, Ohio, Oevel, Belgium and Song Jiang, China as being Standard 61 Listed.

NSF: potable water approval according to US standard - www.nsf.com: Product/Service Listings - Search for "Lubrizol"

  • Standard 14: Plastics Piping System Components
  • Standard 60 : Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Standard 61: Drinking Water System Components - Health Effects

BS 6920 (British Standard)
Potable water approval according to UK legislation

Potable water approval according to German legislation for pipes fittings 

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