Performax™ 4388   Textile Coating

Waterborne Urethane Based Coating for Performance Apparel

Performax™ 4388 is a high performance compound that provides an excellence balance of flexibility. This compound forms a soft, flexible film which gives excellent flexibility to a variety of substrates. Performax 4388 can be applied using all traditional techniques such as knife coating and Meyer road applicators. Patterned effects can also be achieved with this compound using rotary screen, gravure, or hand applied stencils and screens. Depending on the performance needs, single or multiple coats of the compound can be applied, if needed. A fluorochemical water repellent finish can be applied after the coating for improved performance and durability. Suggested drying temperatures are 250F-300F and a curing temperature of 325F-350F for best wash durability.

Regional Availability: Asia Pacific EMEAI Latin America North America

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