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In the high-definition print and packaging markets, Lubrizol offers decades of application knowledge and technical formulating excellence. Our experts help connect material science to highly valued end-use performance properties, including durability, abrasion resistance, aesthetics, efficiency, and functionality.

We bring high quality, performance results in printing ink applications that are differentiated, innovative and sustainable with our printing ink additives. Our product portfolio is designed to impart a wide range of properties for optimal appearance, including heat resistance, high gloss, pigment dispersion, adhesion and coefficient of friction modification. What's more, food contact compliant materials are available for direct food contact. No matter the end-use requirements, our additives enhance the performance and appearance of inks and coatings for a wide variety of needs.

Our vast portfolio of resins includes water-borne supported and unsupported acrylic emulsions, water-borne polyurethane dispersions, and solvent-borne acrylic resins suitable for ink vehicles for gravure print applications such as vinyl wall covering and flooring, print primers, and overprint varnish.

Solsperse™ Hyperdispersants provide formulators high color strength, efficient color development, high pigment loadings, improved production efficiencies and formulation flexibility. Lubrizol offers a variety of TSCA and Swiss Ordinance compliant technologies that are APE-free for diverse printing and packaging needs.

Our wax emulsions, micronized waxes and wax dispersions for packaging coatings and printing ink applications enhance the surface properties and aesthetics of the printed protective finish. Food contact compliant materials are available for direct and indirect food contact waxes can be used for all types of printing applications.

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