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Bath & Shower

Bath & Shower

CleansingA wide array of specialty rheology modifiers, surfactants and conditioning agents enabling you to create personal cleansers and other surfactant-based systems that stimulate the senses and move quickly from shelf to shower.

  • Glucamate™ CCO Thickener, naturally derived and non-ethoxylated. 
  • Make it brilliant with Carbopol® polymers, rheology modifiers that thicken and stabilize surfactant cleansing systems and deliver elegant rheology, high clarity, and suspension of insoluble components, creating products that are visually stimulating to the consumer.
  • Make it mild with Glucamate™ VLT Thickener, a naturally-derived thickener that improves the mildness of cleansing products, making it ideal for use in clear products for babies and children, for sensitive skin or for frequent use products such as liquid hand soaps.
  • Make it billowy with our surfactants product line consisting of a wide array of naturally derived, mild, sulfate and EO-free options, as well as traditional options to deliver rich, luxurious, lather with excellent skinfeel.

Create unique cleansing experiences with a broad range of high performance products that deliver conditioning and more.

  • Make it Perform with Merquat™ PLUS 3330 polymera conditioning polymer that reduces irritation in liquid cleansing products. Excellent moisturization in facial, hand and body cleansing formulations. Create creamy and stable foam in a variety of surfactant-based systems.
  • Make it Perform with Merquat™ 280 polymera conditioning polymer that produces richer foam in face, hand and body cleansing applications. Moisturization, sensory and conditioning benefits in cleansing. Impact all stages of the cleansing process-before, during and after!  
  • Make it smooth.  Sensomer™ CI-50 polymera naturally-derived polymer that produces conditioning for clear, surfactant-based products. Substantive to skin. Improve foam quality and increase foam volume.
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