Industrial Lubricant Additives

Industrial Lubricant Additives. The best in hydraulic, industrial gear, grease and metalworking additives, backed by extensive testing to optimize results.Industrial Additives

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Grease Additives

Grease Additives

High-performance components, additives and technologies for grease developmentGrease Additives


Metalworking Fluid Additives

Additives for formulating soluble oil, semi- and full-synthetic fluid concentratesMetalworking Fluid Additives

Industrial Gear Oil Additives

Industrial Gear Oil Additives

Provide extreme pressure performance; rust and oxidation resistanceIndustrial Gear Oil Additives

Hydraulic Oil Additives

Hydraulic Oil Additives

Packages for stability and performance in compact, high pressure systemsHydraulic Oil Additives

Emulsion Explosives

Emulsion Explosive Additives

PIBSA (polyisobutylene succinic anhydride)-based emulsifiers for explosives used in mining and constructionEmulsion Explosive Additives

Turbine and Circulating Oil

Turbine and Circulating Oil Additives

Deliver oxidation resistance, thermal stability and protection from sludge and varnish for critical system componentsTurbine and Circulating Oil Additives

Lubrizol is proud once again to be a Palladium level sponsor of the STLE Annual Meeting. The Lubrizol team will be busy during the Annual Conference – check out the schedule.  Lubrizol at STLE 2014

Passing the Siemens MD Specification used to be an art – now it’s reality. Introducing a new high-performance technology that masters the challenges faced by industrial gear oil formulators.  Stroke of Genius

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