Turbine and Circulating Oil Additives


When it comes to turbines – gas, steam or combined cycle – and circulating oil systems, lubricants play the key role in high-performance operation. These systems must provide a great deal of power in often harsh environments. As a result, they require quality fluid packages that will provide the antiwear, anti-corrosion and extreme pressure protection that will ensure optimum performance.

Lubrizol is a world leader in quality additives and packages for turbine and circulating oil systems. Our products are designed to provide peak system performance, with benefits that include:

  • Excellent demulsibility
  • Superior foam protection
  • Excellent rust protection
  • Low copper activity
  • Good oxidation stability
  • Superior wet and dry filterability
  • Outstanding hydrolytic stability
  • Excellent modified rotary bomb performance
  • Very good EP/antiwear performance
  • Good seal compatibility

As a global company with manufacturing, sales and technical offices throughout the world, Lubrizol can assure customers dependable supply, on shorter lead times, with consistent product quality. Our knowledge of local cultures and languages and our understanding of global base stocks and chemistries reduce the risks of business missteps for our customers.

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