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Lubrizol provides rheology modifier choices that can be used to formulate a wide range of air freshener formulations: Novegum™ Hydrocolloids, Novemer™ EC-1 polymer and Pemulen™ polymers. 

Rheology agents provide functionality in air freshener systems to control perfume release.  These polymers modify the product flow improving the efficiency and functionality.  These rheology modifiers can emulsify the fragrance with low or no surfactant.  Reduction of the humectant and emulsifier levels is also possible providing systems which have less residue once the fragrance is fully released.


• Improved stabilization and efficacy for perfume incorporation and release
• Timed and control release of fragrance
• Enables product forms with low surfactant levels and reduced levels of humectants and emulsifier
• Enables cost effective formulas

Application Recommended Product Sample Formulation
Cream Air Freshener Gel Novemer™ EC-1 Polymer H-AF-0007

LA = Formulated for Latin American Market

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