Fuel Additives

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Engines are constantly evolving and diesel fuel must deliver new performance all the time. Lubrizol multifunctional diesel fuel additives provide the solutions needed mostDiesel

Home Heating Oils

Home Heating Oils

Premium heating oils with effective additive packages allow consumers to reduce overall costs of keeping warm in cold winter monthsHome Heating Oils



More than just a commodity purchase, Lubrizol gasoline additive chemistries help differentiate gasoline with proven data to support product claims and marketing goalsGasoline


Industrial Fuel

Achieving fuel efficiency and maintenance benefits from fuel additives is valuable for many industrial boiler and power plant applicationsIndustrial Fuel



Ethanol and biodiesel bring unique challenges to fuel marketers. Lubrizol fuel additive technologies are designed for and proven to succeed in biofuel applicationsBiofuels


Marine Fuel

Marine distillate and residual fuels can do more than you may think through advanced additive technologies for operational efficienciesMarine Fuel

Two video channels on YouTube help convey the importance of premium quality gasoline and diesel fuel to achieve maximum performance and protection for modern engines.

Gasoline Additives | Diesel Fuel Additives
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Zero Deposits?
Zero Power Loss?
Zero Headaches?
That’s exactly what you’ll get from a revolutionary diesel detergent technology from Lubrizol.
  Expect a Revolution

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