Engine Oil Additives

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Heavy-Duty Engline Oils

Heavy-Duty Engine Oils

Lubricants used in “on-highway” and “off-highway” heavy-duty vehicle applications are classified as Heavy Duty Engine OilsHeavy-Duty Engine Oils

Passenger Car Engine Oils

Passenger Car Engine Oils

Automotive lubricants used in car and light-duty truck engines and are designed for vehicles that operate using gasoline, diesel and alternative fuelsPassenger Car Engine Oils


Marine Diesel Engine Oils

The performance of lubricants for marine engines is not defined by a standard classification systemMarine Diesel Engine Oils


Motorcycle Engine Oils

Engine oils do more than lubricate critical engine componentsMotorcycle Engine Oils


Recreational Vehicle Engine Oils

Outboard engines, personal watercraft, ATVs, snowmobiles, and other recreational engines are often subjected to very harsh and wet conditionsRecreational Vehicle Engine Oils


Power Tool Engine Oils

Additive technologies can significantly extend the life of everyday power toolsPower Tool Engine Oils

Stationary Gas Engine Oils

Stationary Natural Gas Engine Oils

Engines running on natural gas at high loads put unique demands on engine oilsStationary Natural Gas Engine Oils

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